Monday, August 15, 2011


So my blog is not very interesting when my life is. so far about 4000 miles on the swap and everything is going great! i do have a few leaks that i need to fix, the transmission is leaking so im going to send it back once my life slows down. The fuel tank filler necks are also leaking, ill replace those in the next week.

I have been rafting in buena vista since july 16(the day i finished my bus, and my birthday) while making time to travel to texas to pick up jeremy, and north dakota to drop him off. We took his Gli, which did so well on the highway despite the clutch going out the night before, forcing a 2am-6am clutch overhaul. He averaged 31 mpg and we hit a top speed of 112mph, according to the gps, before it began to slightly miss.

The drive back we went through a portion of Sturgis wearing bandanas on our faces initiating the motorcycle wave; those who waved back were weekend warriors and cubical cruisers, the non wavers should be avoided in dark alleys. 

Yesterday i took two great friends rafting, Pat Mcguire and Chris Mcdermott. We had a blast, froze a little, drank a beer and ate lunch on a cave, styled our lines through browns, ran the prefect clean line through seidels then came to denver to eat Thai with the newly engaged Ryan Welborn. epic sunday.

Now i need to figure out my 6 month life plan. School? travel? work on cars? save the world? i can't loose my optimism in the world, someone once said when you're young you want to change the world, when you get a little older you become realistic about your abilities, and when you're old you become comfortable with the way the world works.  I never want to be comfortable.

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