Friday, June 10, 2011

Paint? gosh, i need to wrench or else im going to fall deeply in love with bondo.

 This is the current idea for the paint scheme. Flat black body with green accents (number 3 in the test below)

 My to-do list is shrinking!!!
 Brand Spankin New CV Axles!
 Girl entrance.
Bones entrance. Ill definitely need to repaint those stencils.
Tomorrow I'm going to fix the dent in the front, bondo my nemesis, wont leave me alone.
I hope the transmission shop calls me with a quote, im going to be running tight on cash for the trip. i guess that means it's time to sell plasma....and a kidney....and sperm.....and my hair, they can clone it and discover the wonders of its lusciousness.   

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